Works Every Time
Suppose you had a $100 bill you wanted to sell. If you offered it up at $100, no one would buy it. Why should they? $100 for a $100 bill is not a good deal. If you dropped the price to $95, immediately someone would snatch it up. Say you take that $100 into a bar or any other place with 30 or 40 people and announce that you’ll sell your $100 bill for $50 or the best offer you got in the next five minutes.

Someone would ask if you’d REALLY take $50 for the $100 bill. You’d immediately answer if that’s the best offer you get, you’ll take it. The questioner would offer you $50. Someone else would say $55. The price would quickly move to between $95 and $100 because $99.50 for a $100 bill is still a good deal. In less than five minutes you’d sell that bill.

Selling your home with this auction method works exactly the same way. Follow the auction method of pricing your home and you’ll sell your home for fair market value. More buyers will view your home. Interested buyers will not permit other buyers to purchase it for less than they are willing to pay for it. They’ll bid the price up to the FAIR MARKET VALUE just as sure as a stranger in a crowd will vie for a bargain on a $100 bill.

Jump In
At any given time, only a certain number of buyers will be interested in a home like yours in a location like yours at a price like yours. This group of buyers is called the “buyer pool” for your home. The participants change as some purchase homes, some get frustrated and leave the pool, and others make the decision to buy and enter the pool.

Many sellers make the mistake of restricting the size of the pool by pricing their homes too high. They expect to be offered less than the asking price, so they raise their price to get a higher bid.

Few home buyers are experienced. Most are dimly aware that some home sellers may accept less than asking price, but they don’t know how much less. They see a certain price and say, “We can’t afford that – let’s not bother to look.” When this happens, the seller has decreased the size of the buyer pool. Some buyers who shut themselves out of the pool may have been prepared to offer more than the amount finally accepted, but the seller will never know. This results in a LOWER price for your home. When using this method, you offer your house for less than you think you will actually get in order to attract more buyers, who will bid against one another for the privilege of buying your home. This results in a HIGHER selling price for your home.

Now, when I say that you’ll sell your house in 10 days, I mean you will sell your house in 10 days.

The 10 day sale always runs on the same days of the week. We will start your home in the Realtor’s Multiple Listing Service no later than Friday. We then advertise it immediately in the Sunday paper. It will then be advertised again on Thursday as well as Friday, and advertised for Open houses on Saturday and Sunday with Bidding up until Monday at 8 p.m. at which time we start the Round Robin bidding until the highest bidder is found. All buyers will know the highest bid during the Round Robin.

More Profitable
Just because you sell your home fast, don’t think that you’ll sell cheap. The 10 day method will get you the top end of the fair market value for your home. The market will always drive the price to the highest possible level. You may also save thousands of dollars in interest and taxes by selling your home immediately.

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